Beer Club Membership

In order to become a member of “Zolberg” Beer Club you should get a personalized club card.

This card provides the following perks:

— 15% discount on all menu

— using the club’s parking lot with the possibility to leave your car for a night at the weekend

— participating in all club activities and promo offers

— one free birthday glass of beer

— a cumulative discount system with the possibility to increase your membership status

To get our club card you must:

— love our beer sincerely;

— participate in Zolberg beer club activities;

— be prepared to follow club’s traditions.


Club members who got 10 points* will receive their own personalized glass. Those who got 20 points* will receive their own personalized chair, which will always be vacant for them even if our restaurant if fully packed. The chair owner also gets any dish for free every month from WOK menu.
Every month club members participate in a competition. The guest who scores the most during a month will receive prizes and presents.
If a guest who won a monthly competition is a chair owner, then he gets additional mark on his chair back. After 3 marks the chair owner can lay claim to “King of Zolberg”, who is elected by all club members in December. A person becomes a King of Zolberg for a year starting from the 31st of December.

“Zolberg guilds”

Club members can team up into Guilds. Every Guild has its own flag that is always near a Guild’s table.

A Guild can be formed if:

— it has a minimum of 3 people;

— there is a notification about forming a Guild that contains the names of its members (you can contact an administrator);

— there is a Guild’s motto.

If members of one Guild together score the most at the end of the month, this Guild becomes the Guild of the month. All Guild members will get a glass of beer for free next time they come to Zolberg.