Craft beer

In our beer club you will find natural home-produced beer Zolberg.

The 19th century traditional technology, up-to-date equipment and high quality raw material allow us to brew beer that knows no equals in Russia.

Brewing takes from 45 to 60 days. During that time beer doesn’t go through filtration and pasteurization. So, it keeps not only useful microelements and vitamins, but also live yeast culture. Ensuring beer maturation and secondary fermentation excludes further processing. It means that there is a natural and healthy drink in your glass.

There are four Zolberg beer styles in our beer club:

  • Zolberg classic — classic light unfiltered unpasteurized beer
  • Zolberg light —light unfiltered unpasteurized beer
  • Zolberg smoked — light unfiltered unpasteurized beer with smoked malt
  • Zolberg dark — dark unfiltered unpasteurized beer from caramel malt